“TechnipFMC intends to adopt a dividend policy in the future. Any future TechnipFMC dividends will remain subject to approval by the TechnipFMC board of directors and available distributable reserves of TechnipFMC.

Any future TechnipFMC dividends would be declared in U.S. dollars and would be paid in U.S. dollars for shares listed on the NYSE and paid in Euros for shares listed on Euronext Paris. Dividends to be paid in Euros would be converted from U.S. dollars to Euros. Any stockholder whose main currency is not the U.S. dollar may therefore be exposed to currency risks and may incur additional costs, such as financial intermediation costs. Fluctuations in exchange rates between the U.S. dollar and a stockholder’s main currency may affect the value of the dividend ultimately received by such stockholder in another currency.”

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